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Piano services are just a click away... Looking to hire a

  • Piano Tuner
  • Piano Technician
  • Piano Rebuilder

... or need a quote for piano tuning or piano repair? What about more comprehensive services such as hammer voicing? action regulation? refinishing? rebuilding?

Our company serves all of Southern California and specializes in all areas of piano tuning, repair, restoration, and rebuilding.

We service all of Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County, CA.

We service all makes and models including the following:

Yamaha - Steinway & Sons - Bosendorfer - K. Kawai - Schimmel - Kimball - Petrof - Mason & Hamlin - Samick - Kohler & Campbell - Bluthner - Chickering - Baldwin - Story & Clark - Estonia - Kemble - Knabe - Charles R. Walter - Fazioli

Ask about our piano service packages for discounted year-round, monthly, or weekly service visits. We offer competitive, complete, and affordable piano care and maintenance packages to fit your needs and budget.

Standard Piano Tuning: $125

Estimated time: 90-120 minutes, no pitch correction.

Piano must originate within 5 cents, flat or sharp, of A440hz to qualify for this cost.

Pitch Raise: $65

Up to 35 cents flat, 120-200 minutes with a standard tuning.

Secondary Pitch Raise: $45

More than 35 cents flat, 60-90 minutes, after initial pitch correction.

Upright Regulation: >$400 - $650

Grand Regulation >$600 - $850

-- Sticky Key Repair

  • Keytop Replacement:

- $350 Full Set Keytops (Naturals Only)

- $75 Key Fronts (Naturals Only)

- $150 Refinish Sharps

  • Key Bushing Replacement:

- $275 Per Each Rail [Front + Balance Rail]

Key Leveling and Spacing
  • Hammer Replacement

>$1,200 Upright - Premium Hammers

>$1,450 Grand - Premium Hammers

Prices do not reflect moving charges to and from shop for installation.

Full Installation Includes: Dehumidifier, Humidifier and Humidistat, Standard Tuning [A440hz] included after system stabilization within 30 days.

- Upright >$550

- Grand >$650

- Concert Grand - $850

- Dehumidifier Only $250

All Dampp-Chaser Systems Include a 5 Year Factory Warranty.

>$2,250 Full Restringing with New Tuning Pins & Strings

>$4,500 Restringing w/New Pin Block, Regilded Plate, Soundboard Repaired and/or Shimmed, and New Bridge Caps

  • Refinishing

Spinet >$1,500

Console >$1,700

Upright 45" or taller >$2,000

Grand - no fill, up to 6 ft. >$3,600

Grand - up to 6 ft, hand rubbed, >$3,800

Grand - over 6 ft. hand rubbed finish, >$4,500

9 Ft. Concert Grand >$5,500

[Prices reflect Southern California Providers Only]

  • Recondition Action Parts 

Receive at NO EXTRA CHARGE, on your next visit upon request:

Comprehensive Piano Evaluation

Receive a 32-point inspection checklist of your piano's condition, including the year of manufacture, as well as the approximate fair market value of your piano, at your next upcoming service visit.

Restoration and Rebuilding Services - Contact Us for a Quote

Piano Buying Assistance - Contact Us for more information.

Contact us for a FREE QUOTE and to schedule your piano service visit today.


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