Samick Pianos

Samick Pianos are made by one of the largest musical instrument manufacturing companies in the world.

The name refers to Samick Musical Instruments, the brand known for the quality instruments they produce, not only under their name, but also under stencil brands as well.

The company is best known for their pianos and guitars that are globally credited as one of the world’s top ranking musical instruments.

Company History

Samick is a Korea-based musical instrument manufacturing company and started out as Samick Pianos in 1958. In 1992 Samick built its P.T. Samick factory in Indonesia where the majority of their instruments are manufactured.

In 2004 Samick gained controlling interest in competitor Young Chang, but the merger was ended a year later due to the anti-trusts rulings in the United States of America.

Samick Company also sells pianos to the German C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik who is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; major shareholders are CEO, Karl Schulze and his wife, and Chief Marketing Officer, Berenice Küpper, owning jointly 25% of shares, and Samick of South Korea with 19.5%.

In October 2008, Samick announced their purchase of Seiler, another German piano company. In the late 2009, Samick acquired 16.5% shares of Steinway Musical Instruments and by November 2010 they doubled their shares to 32%.

Presently, Samick manufactures different piano lines; acoustic piano brands include Samick, Pramberger, Wm. Knabe & Co., Kohler & Campbell, and Gebrüder Schulze; while the digital piano brands include Kohler, Samick Digital and Symphonia.

Samick Pianos

Samick is known to produce various brands of pianos, which most of them have been purchased names from famous brands. Aside from the aforementioned brands, bearing the names other than Samick, the company manufactures several models of pianos bearing their
company name.

Samick Pianos offer seven different models of grand pianos and nine models of vertical or upright pianos.

Their grand pianos are labeled SG- and then followed by the numeric and letter combinations that specify the model specifications.

Upright pianos are labeled JS- then also followed by the numeric and letter combinations which also signify the specifications.

Each unit model differs in their unit measurement, design, wood material and color. All of these models give the player the same satisfaction and joy of playing one of the best quality pianos on the market.

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