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SERVING Two Main Customers:
The Piano & The Aspiring Pianist

Total Piano Care is your resource for complete piano care. We exist to educate, assist, inspire, and provide guidance to piano owners from around the world, to consider and experience the numerous musical possibilities their piano has to offer.

Caring for the total musician and their piano
is our total concern and focus.

Our website serves two main purposes:

To help piano owners - students, families, teachers, musical artists, teaching studios, concert halls, universities, and recording studios - to maximize the life of their existing piano.

and two...

To inspire piano owners to play as their favorite artists do!

Learning to play the piano is similar to learning and mastering the art of language. It is much a lifelong endeavor and a continuous journey.

As you are taking pride and care in the use, preservation, and protection of your piano, we're here to help. Ask Us Any Question.

Ask Us to Help You Address Any Concern, Remote Possibility, or Newly Found Perspective in the World of Pianos & Pianists. Ask Us For Help to Research & Know The Definite Answers You're Searching For TODAY. Rest Assured, We're Here to Help YOU on Your Journey.

Do you need to hire a piano tuner? A piano teacher? A professional piano rebuilder? Piano repair expert? Allow us to help you to start enjoying your piano year-round, at an affordable cost that makes sense to you.

Click on our Contact Us Page for a quote. You can also Contact Us to locate piano lessons, new pianos, or pre-owned pianos using our Piano Broker Services! Simply fill out the required fields, and allow us help you with the rest!

Looking for your piano's age, serial number, or current market value? -- Click Here!

Let us help you to find the right piano teacher, piano technician, or new piano for sale in your area.

Learn about piano care and maintenance and how to gain the most enjoyment from your piano on our website. We are your complete resource for total piano care!

Piano Tuner / Technician Services -- Click Here to Contact Us

Piano tuning, piano repair, piano regulation, and piano voicing, are offered per job or on a regular contractual basis to institutions, residents, studios, colleges, and universities.

We also specialize in piano restoration and rebuilding services with factory trained technicians and seasoned artisan craftsmen who have a portfolio of 1,000s of pianos rebuilt during the past several decades.

Looking for an expert piano tuner and repair service in Southern California? You have come to the right place.

"How often should my piano be tuned?"

"How does humidity and the seasonal changes affect the condition of my piano?"

"What's the difference between a piano that costs $100,000, and a piano that costs $10,000?"

"How do I know what new piano to buy?"

"Is it in my best interests to rebuild my piano?"

"Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Steinway, Fazioli... what's the difference?"

Total Piano Care is all about educating piano owners about the proper maintenance and care of their beloved piano.

Latest News - Total Piano Care Blog
Total Piano Care Blog reports on the latest news & updates in the world of piano technology, piano care and maintenance, and pianists from around the world.
About Us - Total Piano Care
About Us - Total Piano Care is a network of professional piano technicians, piano rebuilders, teachers, suppliers, dealerships, and piano movers who service clients across the United States.
Piano Appraisal & Valuation Services - How Much is My Piano Worth?
Piano Appraisal & Valuation Services. An online piano valuation gives you a starting point of reference to know how much a new or used piano is worth
Piano Services Offered by Total Piano Care
Piano Services offered by Total Piano Care. Piano tuning, piano repair, regulation, voicing, rebuilding, restoration services.
Meticulous Piano Tuner in North America
Seeking a piano tuner? Hire one HERE in North America (USA). Toll Free: (866) 488-KEYS (5397)
What is a Pitch Raise? The Pitch Correction, Explained.
What is a Pitch Raise? If your piano tuner / technician has informed you that your piano needs a pitch correction, you may be wondering,Is it really necessary? Isn't one tuning good enough?
Piano Action Regulation - What is It?
Piano Action Regulation adjusts the thousands of working action parts within your piano, resulting in several benefits.
Piano Voicing - What is It?
What is piano voicing? Why is it necessary? Can this procedure cause your piano to sound more beautiful?
Piano Refinishing - The Professional Art of Uncovering a Diamond in the Rough
Piano refinishing can transform the outer aspects of your piano into a glistening masterpiece of perfection.
Wireless iPad Piano Control? Now Made Possible With the PNO3 System
Wireless iPad piano control is now possible with PNO3 made by QRS Music Technologies.
Piano String Covers: Five Reasons Why You Should Get One
Piano string covers are an essential component to keeps your piano’s “vocal chords” in top shape, while allowing them to release quality sound.
Piano Caster Cups - Protect Your Piano, Your Person, and Your Floor
Piano caster cups serve several purposes: mainly, to protect your floor from permanent indentations; your piano from rolling; and your personal property from becoming damaged.
Piano Serial Numbers Search - Find the Age & History of Your Piano
Piano serial numbers help to identify the age of your piano and the history surrounding its production. Run a free piano serial number search, here.
Piano Humidity Control - A Critical Step Toward Protecting Your Piano
Piano Humidity Control is the KEY to preserving and maintaining your piano for optimal performance.
Piano Room Placement | Where to Position Your Piano In a Room
Piano room placement is equally as critical and important as choosing and maintaining your piano, long-term. Learn where to place your piano, in a room.
Piano Care Tips: 8 Important Tips Every Piano Owner Must Know.
Piano care tips every piano owner needs to know. Learn 8 of the most important piano care tips to help extend the life of your piano.
Piano Covers - Serving a Twofold Purpose
Piano covers serve a two-fold purpose for your piano. Both aesthetic and practical. Learn why investing in a piano cover can save you thousands over the course of the piano's lifetime.
Cory Care Products - World's Finest Cleaners and Polishes
Cory Care Products are a truly unique and world class piano polish, conditioner, and cleaner product line.
Piano Benches | Artist Adjustable, Leather, Stage, & Storage
Piano Benches Search - Shop piano benches under one roof: artist adjustable, deluxe leather, stage, storage, and duet
iPhone Siri Piano Technology -- Made Possible Via The Yamaha Disklavier
iPhone Siri Piano technology is are now possible through the Yamaha Disklavier.
How to Buy a Used Piano - A Comprehensive Checklist
Learn how to buy a used piano using this comprehensive checklist. Before you spend a penny, review all 50+ checkpoints.
The Tone Quality of Your Piano - What Factors Influence Its Outcome?
The tone quality of your piano is influenced by several factors. What are these factors? How can they be improved to help your piano sound like new again?
QRS PNOscan Studio - Midi Acoustic Piano Record, Practice, & Performance
QRS PNOscan Studio enables an acoustic piano to become a midi control & digital musical notation device, changing the world of music creation, forever.
Pocket Piano Review - A Breakthrough Piano For the 21st Century
Pocket Piano Review by a Lifelong Pianist.
Piano Lessons Online - Top 10 Reasons Why this Method Deserves Your Attention
Piano Lessons Online - How are they superior to "traditional lessons? Here are the Top Ten Reasons why piano courses online deserve your attention.
Piano For All - A Comprehensive Review - Making Piano Lessons ‘EXCITING For All'
Piano For All, created and authored by Robin Hall, accomplishes TWO things what most piano teachers don't do - make piano lessons FUN and EASY.
Learn Piano in 30 Days - A Comprehensive Course Review
Learn Piano in 30 Days is one of the most complete courses online to learn how to play the piano. Learn some of the great benefits this course has to offer.
Learn and Master Piano - Worth Every Penny for the Serious Piano Student
Learn and Master Piano produced by Legacy Learning Systems is designed for the serious piano student
Appointments - Scheduling - Total Piano Care
Appointments may be requested for a piano tuner, piano technician, piano rebuilder using our online appointments page.
Contact Us | Hire a Piano Tuner, Piano Technician or Piano Rebuilder
Contact Us. Have a Question for Us? A Piano Tuner, Piano Technician, or Piano Rebuilder is one click away. Contact us for a FREE Quote!
Pianos for Sale -- Steinway, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, and more!
Pianos for Sale -- Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, and more!
Steinway and Sons | History | Serial Numbers
Steinway & Sons history. Founded 1853 in Manhattan, NY by German immigrant Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg. The company manufactures handmade, high-quality pianos
Bösendorfer Pianos | Company History | Serial Numbers
Bösendorfer pianos are one of the most sought after brands in the world.
Fazioli Pianos - Handcrafted Pianos Out of Italy
Fazioli Pianos was founded by Paolo Fazioli, a pianist and engineer, in 1981. This Italy based piano manufacturer is known to build <100 pianos each year.
Mason and Hamlin Pianos - A Perfect Choice for the Seasoned Pianist
Mason and Hamlin pianos with its many models provide pianists with a rich list of pianos to choose from.
The Yamaha Corporation - Over A Century of Excellence - Since 1887
Yamaha Corporation - Founded in 1887 originally as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha.
Baldwin Pianos - Company History - Serial Number Search
Baldwin pianos, company history, and serial numbers can be found on this page.
K. Kawai Pianos - The Future of the Piano
K. Kawai Pianos headquarters is located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. The company continues on with a 'never ending quest for perfection.'
Yamaha Disklavier Pianos For Sale | Like-New & Gently Used
Yamaha Disklavier Pianos For Sale. Includes Like-New & Gently Used Models Available. Call (909) 784-KEYS (5397).
Warranty Information -- Pianos Sold Through Total Piano Care.
Warranty Information -- Pianos sold through Total Piano Care. Call (909) 784-KEYS (5397) for more information.
Pianos For Sale - Private Clientele, Only.
Pianos For Sale - Private Clientele Only


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