Online Piano Appraisal Service -
"What's My Piano Currently Worth?"

What Is the Online Piano Appraisal Service?

The service is intended for use as a piano price point for those who are thinking of selling their piano, who are searching for the value of a used piano, or who are requesting the insurance replacement value, among various other important reasons. 

The Online Piano Appraisal Service can help you to determine the current market value range of your piano - if you are looking to buy or sell one, or just need a rough estimate of how much your piano is worth.

This evaluation can serve as a reasonable starting point of reference at which to begin.

An evaluation can be delivered in as little as 24 hours, or

in 5 days, depending on the delivery option you choose.

"What's the Main Purpose of
A Piano Appraisal, or Estimate?"

At times you may need an appraisal, or an estimate, to prove the value of your piano under certain conditions. A piano appraisal can prevent you from selling your piano for too little or paying too much for a new piano.

A piano appraisal is used for such purposes as:



*Appraisals for tax donation purposes may require a separate, on-site evaluation (see below).

Many different factors influence a piano's value, which include the following:

1) Piano's Age

2) Manufacturer

3) Type (Vertical vs Grand)

4) Model

5) Manufacturer Grade

(High End vs. Low End Brand)

6) Interior & Exterior Components' Condition.

7) Past Use. 

8) Placement 

9) Condition of Finish, Case, & Keys

10) Geographic Location

11) Depreciation factors.

12) Rarity & Scarcity Value

13) Antique Value

14) Intrinsic Design

15) Furniture Value

16) Recent or Past Restoration 

17) Player System Installation - Past or Present.

18) Eagerness of a potential buyer or seller. 

19) Local or National Economy.

20) Celebrity Value

Who Should Use This Service?

Anyone who needs a quick, reliable, and inexpensive guide to a piano valuation:

- Sellers: You are thinking of selling your piano. You need an idea of the piano's value in order to determine a realistic, real-world, fair market value selling price.

- Buyers: You are searching for a used piano. You need to know if a piano is priced reasonably.

- Owners: You are curious to know the fair market value of your piano. But you don't want a comprehensive appraisal performed by a piano technician just yet. You are also looking for the current, 100% insurance replacement value to report to your insurance company to fully insure your piano against any damages, or a declared complete loss.

See the videos below, to learn more about the internal components of your piano.  

Please Note: The Online Appraisal Service is based entirely online, and is a general evaluation of your piano. It is meant to serve as a starting point of reference, only. It is not intended to replace an on-site piano inspection, which is separate and different from the online appraisal service.

This service is intended for acoustic piano and player piano appraisals, only.

Keyboard and organ appraisals are offered as a separate service, for a fee of $40, delivered within 5-7 business days. This includes any electric, electronic, and digital keyboards; digital pianos; analog keyboards; synthesizers and samplers; and vintage keyboards.

Celebrity Owned Piano Appraisals  understandably require more in-depth and extensive research, than a standard piano evaluation. This specialized research includes: the piano's Celebrity and/or Historical Value, Fair Market Value, and Minimum Insurance Replacement Value.

If you are on a limited budget, we will appraise based only upon what we can discover in the time allotted, which may result in a lower price returned. When we are able to determine and document the piano's value, with more thorough and extensive research, to justify its starting market asking price, $350 is the standard price for a fully researched appraisal, delivered within 7-10 business days.

STEP 1:  Choose your delivery option:

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Celebrity Owned Piano Value: http://Paypal.Me/TotalPianoCare/350

Please note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for this service, whereas you can choose to use a credit card or debit card, or PayPal, to pay for your purchase.

You may use credit or debit card by clicking on, "Pay with a debit or credit card" at checkout. 


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NOTICE: If you are not redirected to the Online Evaluation Form from PAYPAL, please return to this page and enter your information, here,

STEP 2:  Complete the Online Evaluation Form.

Once your payment has been accepted, please allow 10 seconds for Paypal to redirect. Once you have been redirected, you may enter information about your piano at the online evaluation form.

STEP 3:  Send "Well-Lighted" Pictures of Your Piano.

Pictures of the piano's interior and exterior, including the (1) case and (2) keys [exterior]; (3) hammers, (4) strings and tuning pins, (5) soundboard and bridges, (6) cast iron plate [interior]. Or, you may send a video of your piano (e.g. play all the keys: naturals and sharps, up and down the keyboard; open the lids and case; record all components, listed above).


(1) Payment, (2) evaluation form, and (3) pictures [please indicate on form, "yes" or "no"] subject to our terms of service (see link below page).


Email Us for Assistance: totalpianocare [at] gmail {dot} com

Paypal is our preferred and chosen credit card processor of choice. Please contact us at the email above, if you wish to pay by check, or to pay with a credit card over the phone.

Thank you.

Piano Appraisals For Tax Deduction

and Donation Purposes:

The Online Piano Appraisal Service (OPAS) is intended to serve as a starting point of reference, only, and DOES NOT REPLACE a physical, on-site inspection of the piano itself by a piano technician or appraiser, for tax donation purposes, such as required by the IRS.

The main purpose of OPAS is to serve as a general guide of reference, only. This evaluation can also assist on-site appraisers to make more informed and accurate decisions, in conjunction with their own subjective observations, knowledge, and opinion about the piano in question. 

Legal Disclaimer: We do not provide, nor represent to provide, any tax or legal advice. We encourage you to speak with a licensed attorney or CPA to discuss your legal rights and obligations in connection with your piano donation.

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Please Read Through Steps 1-3, at the end of this page, Before Placing Your Order.

Thank you.

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