Piano Caster Cups

Piano caster cups serve several practical purposes to protect both your piano and people. Piano caster cups serve to (1) keep your piano from rolling, which can cause (2) injury to others, (3) damaged property and (4) damaged walls. Piano caster cups can also protect your (5) floor from becoming damaged from the sheer weight of your piano.

On this page, we showcase six (6) different types of caster cups to protect your investment - that of people, your piano, and other property.

Over a period of time, due to the piano's weight, from 400 lbs to >1,200 lbs depending on the piano's size - holes, damage, and indentations can develop in your floor and carpeting. Wood floors also receive permanent indentations from the piano's weight on its casters ("wheels"), which makes caster cups an imperative piano accessory.

Piano caster cups are made of wood or plastic, and measure from under 2" in diameter, to over 5" in diameter.

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Notice: Due to the temporary closure of our supply house during the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of caster cups are temporarily out of stock until: April 17th, 2020. Shipments shall be made after this date passes. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Piano Caster Cups
Different Materials and Colors


Single Wheel, Hardwood Piano Caster Cup

Material: Selected Hardwood

Measurements:  3-1/2" outer diameter, 2-3/8" inside diameter

Colors: Ebony, Ebony High Gloss, Mahogany, Unfinished, Walnut

Description: This single wheel, hardwood piano caster cup is our first and most basic choice for selected baby grand and grand piano casters.

These wood caster cups are our most economical for protecting your wood flooring or carpet. With a 3-1/2" outer diameter, and 2-3/8" inner diameter, these are made from selected hardwood, with a felt covering underneath. These have a look of simple elegance, to place under a single-wheel piano caster, for most baby grand, or grand pianos.

SET of 3 - Single Wheel, Hardwood Piano Caster Cups
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5" Deluxe Hardwood Piano Caster Cups (See top picture)

Material: Selected Hardwood

Measurements:  5" outer diameter, 2-1/2" inner diameter

Colors: Ebony, Ebony High Gloss, Mahogany, Unfinished, Oak, Walnut, White

Description: These caster cups are the premier line of protection for your piano, flooring, and carpeting.  These wide base piano caster cups protect your floors and carpet from holes and becoming indented, from the tremendous weight of your piano.  The have a felt pad glued to the bottom to protect floor finishes. Made from selected hardwood, they are our top of the line choice, to use for a single-wheel piano caster.

SET of 3 - Single Wheel, Deluxe Hardwood Piano Caster Cups
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5-1/2" Dual-Wheel Grand Piano Caster Cups

Material: Selected Hardwood

Measurements:  5-1/2" outer diameter, 3-1/8" inside diameter

Colors: Ebony, Ebony High Gloss, Mahogany, Unfinished, Walnut

Description: These dual-wheel grand piano caster cups are made of wood, and are the perfect size for concert grand pianos, such as Yamaha & Kawai, which have oversized casters. "Double wheel casters" require a caster cup of this size, and so does protecting your floors, rugs, and carpet.


Please "double-check" that your piano is equipped with DOUBLE-WHEEL CASTERS vs Single-wheel Casters, prior to placing your order.

Thank you.

SET of 3 - Dual Wheel, Hardwood, Piano Caster Cups
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Single Caster, Grand Piano Plastic Caster Cup

Material: Plastic

Measurements:  5-3/4" outer diameter, 2-3/8" inside diameter

Colors: Ebony, Brown, White


These dual-wheel grand piano caster cups are plastic mostly for imported pianos from Indonesia, S. Korea, and China.

SET of 3 - Single Wheel, Plastic Piano Caster Cups
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Lucite - Clear Piano Caster Cups

Material: Rugged Plastic

Measurements:  4-1/2" outer diameter, 2-3/4" inside diameter.

Colors: Clear, Black, Brown

Description: Lucite Plastic Caster Cups are made of a rugged plastic material. Easily accommodates wide style casters. A center indentation prevents the piano's casters from rolling inside the cup. Virtually indestructible.

SET of 3 - Lucite Piano Caster Cups
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Square Rubber Caster Cups

Material: Rubber

Measurements:  2" outer length, 1-5/8" inside length

Color: Walnut

Description: Intended for upright pianos, protect your tile, wood, linoleum floor, and rugs from damage by a piano's brass casters.

Note: Please measure your piano's wheel width before ordering.

2" Walnut - Square Rubber Piano Caster Cups w/FREE Shipping to USA


CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS must add an additional 8.75% sales tax to price.

  • All sales are final. No substitutions, exchanges, refunds, or product changes after a shipment is made.
  • A phone number is required, before all orders are placed to confirm your order's quantity, color, and finish, at our sole discretion.
  • By placing an order, you are agreeing to our ORDER POLICY, at the time your payment is sent.

RETURN POLICY: All sales are final. Exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase, minus a 15% restocking fee. Caster Cups must be in their original condition, and not placed under the piano's casters, before sending an order back. Customer agrees to pay 50% of shipping costs, back to Total Piano Care.

Complete Terms & Conditions are found at the footer link, at the bottom of every page of Total Piano Care. 

Please call (909) 784-KEYS (5397) if you have any questions or concerns, before placing your order. THANK YOU.



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