Young Chang Pianos

Young Chang pianos is based in South Korea and was founded in 1956 by three brothers: Jae-Young Kim, Jae-Chang Kim, and Jae-Seop Kim.  The brothers began selling Yamaha pianos in Korea under an agreement with the firm.

Currently, Young Chang is one of the largest piano manufacturing companies in the world.

The company holds approximately fifty percent of the Korean piano market.

For approximately nine years, beginning in 1964, Young Chang and Yamaha entered into an agreement where Yamaha shipped partially completed pianos from Japan, to the Young Chang factory in Inchon, S. Korea. There, the company performed final assembly work. This included assembling the cabinet, installing the action, and stringing the piano.

This arrangement with Yamaha lasted until 1975, as Young Chang decided to manufacture pianos under their own name, as well as to expand the company's reach, domestically and internationally. Toward the late 1970s, Young Chang began exporting their pianos to the United States.

1979 was a pivotal year, as the company saw its influence reach worldwide: Young Chang America (1979), and later, Young Chang Canada (1984), and finally, Young Chang Europe (1989).

Young Chang also built pianos for other companies, under names such as Astor, Bechendorff, Bergmann, Cline, Essex, Ibach, Karl Muller, Knabe, Nakamura, Pramberger, Schafer & Sons, Wagner, Weber, and Wurlitzer.

In 1995, Joseph Pramberger (former Vice President of Steinway and Sons) joined the company and brought certain innovations which include the “Platinum Touch Action” and the patented, asymmetrically tapered soundboard, which made Young Chang even more famous and allowed them to produce pianos of a much better quality.

In 1990, Young Chang purchased Kurzweil Music Systems, a manufacturer of high end digital and electronic musical instruments, thus making their market even much wider.

Present Day Manufacturing

The company is headquartered in Incheon, South Korea and has more than 2000 full time workers who design and build their grand and upright pianos, as well as the Kurzweil Music Systems.

Young Chang Grand pianos come in three series:

  • The Platinum series with six different model designs - YP175, YP185, YP208, YP228, YP275 and YP157
  • The Professional Artist with six designs - PG150, PG157, PG157D, PG175NCS, PG175, and PG185 and
  • The Y Series with four designs (Y150, Y175, Y157 and Y185 

Young Chang Upright pianos also come in three series with the same names, the Platinum Series, Professional Artist and the Y Series.

  • The Platinum series comes in four models which are YP48, YP49, YP121SE and YP52
  • The Professional Artist comes in five designs: PF110, PE116, PE118, PE121, PE131
  • And The Y Series with six designs: Y112, Y112F, Y114, Y116, Y121 and Y131

After the company purchased Kurzweil Music Systems, Young Chang continued to manufacture electronic and digital musical instruments under the same name. Currently, they have five different electronic piano series with a total of nine different designs.

All these pianos are designed and manufactured in South Korean under the supervision of Delwin Fandrich (who entered the piano industry in 1961), who is Young Chang Piano’s Design and Manufacturing Consultant since 2008.

Young Chang Pianos
Serial Numbers

Looking to find the age of your Young Chang Piano? Find help to locate
the serial number on your piano here,
then reference the chart below.

1978 - 7800000
1980 - 8000000
1985 - 0147000
1990 - 1537386
1995 - 2113092
2000 - 2429876
2003 - 2559247

Grand Pianos

The letter “G” comes
before the serial number.
1978 - 7800000
1980 - 8000000
1985 - 016000
1990 - 0053945
1995 - 0093299
2000 - 0130384
2003 - 0140310

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