An Overview Of The Piano Life Saver System

So, what is the Piano Life Saver System? It is a system geared toward maintaining your piano’s humidity levels, giving you the satisfaction and peace of mind that your piano’s internal climate will remain consistent and constant, thus securing your piano’s excellent performance and over-all longevity.

The system is installed inside your piano (so it’s definitely hidden from prying eyes). Whether it’s a grand piano, baby grand, or upright piano, they still require 42% relative humidity on average, to survive.

Here is some basic information you need about the Piano Life Saver System:

  • Stabilizes piano tunings and pitch, thus extending the life of the soundboard.
  • Lessens expansion and contraction of the soundboard, thus, lengthening time in between tunings.

  • Promotes optimum touch and stability of action components and keyboard control.
  • Prevents, if not eliminates, any chances of developing rust on the strings and metal parts.
  • Curtails felt deterioration while minimizing harsh tones entailed from flattened hammer felt in low humidity, or the muffled tones from swollen hammer felt in high humidity.
  • Eliminates glue failure within the piano.
  • Secures your investment won’t go to waste. 

The system has been manufactured in the United States now for over 70+ years, by the Dampp-Chaser Corporation, a third generation family-owned business. 

Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver GRAND Piano Full System - Humidifier, Humidistat, & Dehumidifiers

How the Piano Life Saver System works

The Piano Life Saver System is manufactured gathering some of the best materials, to guarantee security and control for the internal environment and ideal humidity levels for your piano. 

Pianos must always maintain their relative humidity and climate levels no matter how unstable the temperature, weather, or 'condition of the surrounding environment' may be.

The humidistat is calibrated to establish an environment separate from that of the piano. What results is a narrow range of average humidity. After the humidistat (which can be found half an inch away from the soundboard) is alerted the moment the wood becomes dry, the humidifier is automatically put to action. Once the humidifier detects that it has released an adequate amount of moisture towards the soundboard, the humidistat shuts down the humidifier and turns on the dehumidifier.

Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver VERTICAL Piano Full System - Humidifier, Humidistat, & Dehumidifier.

What the dehumidifier does is minimizes the moisture from the soundboard via air currents. This is done until the humidistat senses that the soundboard is dry. The system will again switch to the humidifying function, and the cycle continues on and on each time the humidity rises or falls. The piano will no longer struggle for more moisture in the dry months, or too much moisture in the humid months during the year.

The Piano Life Saver system enables the piano's soundboard to achieve equilibrium moisture content (EMC). This state occurs when wood has reached an equilibrium with its environment and is no longer gaining or losing moisture. 

That’s the way the Piano Life Saver System works. You will be very thankful to have it installed in your piano. 🎹



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