Piano Dealership Failure
Part 2 of 3

Blog Post: September 22, 2012.

Piano dealership failure. Managing and marketing are two fundamental aspects of doing [and staying] in business.

So far, we have discussed why piano dealerships fail, singling out one major reason, and that is, a lack of backend servicing.

Reader's Digest is one of the world's highest circulating magazines (with #1 being the Watchtower and Awake! in 190 languages).

Could you image, for a moment, if Reader's Digest were to only send out one issue of their magazine per year?...

How many subscribers do you think they would retain?

"But they're a publishing company, and we're a piano dealership," you may be thinking.

The business model Reader's Digest and other magazines occupy in 2012, is about to become the new model of business for the rest of this century.

... and that is, a subscription based model.

(Subscription based business models, by the way, are the ultimate model for sustained growth and scalability, which are recognized as bringing in massive amounts of income -- month after month, year after year.)

If you currently do not have a subscription model for your business, Contact Us and ask us to help you to put one into play for your dealership.)

If you currently don't have a subscription based business model, chances are, your competitor has plans to take business away from you, and will be implementing one very shortly.

But suppose for a second, Readers Digest, AARP, National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, and other widely distributed magazines were to only publish one issue per year, minus 11 issues?

What would their retention rate be then?...

50%? 40%? 33% ... Possibly 25% per year?


To illustrate the matter another way.

As much as we Love Lucy...what if "I Love Lucy" episodes were the only show replayed over and over again on TV, , with no other show to choose from -- no new up-and-coming sitcoms, no new reality TV programs, and no news coverage ever to be seen?

The truth is, people are eager and waiting, to watch new and engaging, credible and exciting, worthwhile and evergreen content... to consume day in, day out, as a part of daily living.

Heaven forbid electricity becomes extinct in any part of the world due to this trend. This is the new reality, however, as we move ever forward in the stream of time. Google figured out this vital aspect of 'relevant search' a long time ago...

If your website, blog, social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Pinterest), and other communication mediums have been sitting untouched over the past 30 days, should you have any reason to expect new customers to come walking through your door, on a regular basis?

However, this is exactly where 80% of most businesses fail.

They fail to (1) communicate their message (2) regularly to their (3) target audience on (get this) free social media platforms, available to anyone and everyone in the world.

Scratching their heads, they wonder in amazement why people don't come to visit them at their place of business... ring their phone off the hook daily ... buy from them regularly ... or refer their friends family and neighbors to them.

The YouTube video below is but one example of how communicating to your audience, via your blog, is an effective medium of building trust with your audience, before they ever decide to make a purchase from you.

What does this mean for your piano dealership business?

"All Ships Must Rise with the Tide".

You may be wondering, "OK, if I need to connect regularly with my target audience, what piano dealerships are doing this already, and more importantly, have THEY had any success with their pre-sell efforts?"

Fair enough.

You may already have heard of these piano dealers, specifically:

Rick Jones Pianos in Beltsville, Maryland

Website: http://www.rickjonespianos.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RickJonesPianos

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RickJonesPianos


Bob Estrin of Living Pianos in California

Website: http://livingpianos.com/

Blog: http://livingpianos.com/blog/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LivingPianosVideos

....not to mention, the world famous "Piano Guys" who have seen millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers to their YouTube channel.

The Piano Guys started out as a humble Yamaha Dealership, wanting to better showcase Yamaha's beautifully manufactured pianos...and the rest is history.

Contact Us today if you if you would like to see your business and web traffic "rise with the tide", or need help setting up your blog, social media profile, YouTube Channel, or Pinterest Account, and we would be more than happy to assist you with your pre-selling efforts.

Take a little pride in your piano dealership, and take it to the next level of service. Let any sign or tales of piano dealership failure become a thing of the past. Invest in a little sweat equity along with the web's widely available free tools, to help promote your business.

Count your piano dealership as worthy to be added to the web's index, as you attract highly targeted visitors to your website, through well presented pre-selling efforts to your prospects and customers.


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