Cable-Nelson Pianos

Cable-Nelson Model CN116 Polished Ebony 45" Professional Upright

Cable-Nelson Pianos was a company originally based in Chicago, and built to be a distinguished leader in the piano manufacturing industry at the turn of the 20th century. During its heyday, Cable-Nelson acquired two Chicago piano companies: The Lakeside Piano Company and the Sweetland Piano Company.

Company History

The Cable-Nelson Piano Company began operating in Chicago in 1903 as the Fayette S. Cable Company. Nelson joined the firm in 1905 and the company changed its name to Cable-Nelson Piano. The pianos' serial numbers began at 26000 and ran up from there.

In the late 1920s, Everett Piano Company acquired Cable-Nelson and production was transferred to South Haven, Michigan.

Eventually, Cable-Nelson was the brand distinguished from lower priced pianos, while Everett piano were known for catering to higher-priced ends. By the end of 1950, Everett was merged with the Meridian Corporation and a decade later, it became a part of the Hammond Organ Company. Around this time, there became a Hammond Piano as well as the Everett Organ Company.

Earlier, in the 1940s, Everett manufactured the Everett Orgatron, which later became a part of the Wurlitzer Piano, with its tone derived by amplifying wind blown reeds. Nevertheless, both labels were not well-received by consumers and production eventually ceased.

Everett was later acquired by Yamaha Corporation after which production of Everett and Cable-Nelson pianos were put to a halt. In 2007, Yamaha decided to resume the production of Cable-Nelson pianos, which were manufactured mainly in China. The last American-manufactured Cable-Nelson piano ended with serial number 427000 in 1981.

"A Real Piano and a Fair Price"

Cable-Nelson lives to this day as a piano so well established, that musicians and pianists still rank these as ‘number one’ for their durability, and excellence of product, not to mention a high standard of production. After Yamaha decided to resume the production of Cable-Nelson pianos, the demand for this piano brand had soared, thanks to its high grade and excellent quality of manufacture, for a fairly affordable price, truly standing to its motto of being “A real piano and a fair price.”

The Cable-Nelson factory is one of the industry’s most strategically located factories, along with the excellent efficiency of the organization and equipment used there as well. This is one of the main reason why it leads in manufacturing top quality pianos today.

Cable-Nelson Pianos
Serial Numbers

Find the age of your Cable-Nelson piano using the chart found below:

1903 - 26000
1905 - 35000
1910 - 60000
1915 - 88000
1920 - 117000
1925 - 153000
1930 - 175600
1935 - 187000
1940 - 195000
1947 - 204000
1948 - 207000
1949 - 215000
1950 - 221000
1951 - 228000
1952 - 235000
1953 - 241000
1954 - 247000
1955 - 254500
1956 - 263000
1957 - 272000
1958 - 281700
1959 - 289800
1960 - 300100
1965 - 354000
1970 - 390000
1975 - 421000
1981 - 427000
2000 - 257000
2001 - 270000
2002 - 283000

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