Padded Piano Covers:
Protecting Your Piano Against an Untimely Demise

Padded Piano Covers. Through the eyes of a two-year-old, the keys of the piano provide the perfect obstacle course for driving Hot Wheels® cars back and forth. Unfortunately from the point of view of the piano owner this is not the ideal place for this activity to take place.

In many households there are times when the piano may need protection - either against toddlers and small children (such as during large family gatherings where there are more children than adults) or during construction or remodeling projects where workmen may not be thinking of the safest place to swing a board or lay down a tool.

For providing effective protection an unpadded or padded piano cover may be the ideal solution - a way to take away the appeal of keys to bang on, while at the same time cushioning any unsupervised activity to protect the finish, keys and action.

Piano covers are available for both grand and vertical pianos in most sizes either as unpadded dust covers or as padded moving cover. Choose the less expensive dust cover if you need is simply to keep the piano protected against sunlight and dust. If you wish to provide maximum protection for the piano for family gatherings or remodeling projects, the extra padded cushion that a  moving cover provides will be appreciated.

~ Main Article by Contributing Author, Chuck Behm

Padded Piano Covers

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